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Executive Travel Agency was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs with over 30 years combined travel experience. We strive to deliver a sophisticated, unrivaled air travel experience to travelers around the world via major airlines and groups of airlines. Headquartered in the Melbourne, Australia Executive Travel Agency specializes in business and first class international cheap flights, saving travelers millions of dollars annually on luxury flights. We utilize our extensive knowledge of the airline industry to get cheap fares on premium flights.


Our exclusive insider knowledge about international airlines, and the entire airline industry, from the major airlines to the smaller regional airlines, including all airline alliances, detailed route and layover information, and ideal flight times, is the valuable airline and airport information you need in order to get cheap flight deals. When you book your cheap flights with Executive Travel Agency, you can enjoy a seamless air travel experience, whether you’re traveling airlines on a business trip or going on a family vacation. Because of our special relationships with specific airlines and groups of airlines, we are able to search for the best air travel deals at cheap flight rates. By contacting a travel agent when you air travel, you will get cheap flight deals.


Executive Travel Agency is your go-to luxury travel agency for cheap first class flights and cheap business class flights provided by your own personal travel guru online and via phone. Our travel agents can save you thousands on international business class flights and international first class flights on top airlines, by gaining access to special international airline flight deals that are unavailable to the common searcher.


Our flight gurus work with all the major airlines around the world, including United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Qantas Airways, Air France, Lufthansa Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates Airline, South Africa Airways, LATAM Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and many more.

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